How To Make Time For Journaling

How To Make Time For Journaling

This blog post was written by the lovely Alex from The Journal Corner - She has shared some of her top tips with us on how to make time for journaling. From where she spends her time, to what kind of products she uses when she doesn't have much time. 

If you've been wanting to get into journaling but don't know where to start - here is the perfect place. You can read this blog post, put together a plan of how you would like to start journaling and then head over to Alex's Instagram page to get some inspo for journal spreads.


Where do you journal? 

One of the biggest shifts that helped me find time, was where I would set up to journal. At one point my deskspace was upstairs in a corner of a bedroom, but this meant I rarely found time there leaving children unsupervised downstairs. Moving my journal supplies to the kitchen table, then a desk downstairs, may be a noisier place to work but I was definitely able to grab five minutes here and there more easily.


Perhaps you take your journals out and about with you. Consider whether you could use some lunch break time in the office to be creative. Perhaps you are often early for meetings or events and could keep your journal in the car with a few essential journaling items.

 Bright flatlay with memo pads, washi tape and notecards

Prioritise your journal time

The main way I’ve created time to journal is prioritising it above other things. It is so easy to be swept away by household tasks, interrupting children or work emails that by the end of the day you realise that you had no time to yourself.


Over the past year I have been trying to create blocks of time to do the mundane tasks, but also factor in time to do something that I enjoy. Somedays this means that I’m not on top of my inbox or up-to-date with the washing but I feel productive and organised as I spent time in my bullet journal. This in turn has a positive effect on my mood, which often then leads to completing any outstanding tasks later on. Making time for activities that support your mental health is just as important as clean laundry!


There are of course some wonderful stationery items at Olive & Mabel to save you time when creating a journal spread. Washi tape and stickers are fantastic examples of how you can quickly add decorative touches to pages for a simple set up if you’re short of time.

 stationery products including washi tape, sticker sheets and collage sheets

It’s important to mention that journaling needs to work for you. If spending time being creative in your journal has benefits in addition to organising your life, then it’s worth doing. But if the pressure of being creative and having Instagram worthy spreads puts you off even starting a to do list then just keep your pages minimal. Do what works for you.


I sent Alex a bunch of goodies from my website to try out and she very kindly shared some gorgeous images and a fantastic reel on how she used the items I sent over. You can check out her reel here.

Make sure you check out Alex's Instagram page @thejournalcorner for more tips and tricks on how to use your journal

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