Starting a New Journal Can Be Daunting...

Starting a New Journal Can Be Daunting...

We all know that nothing beats the feeling of cracking open a fresh journal, but no one seems to discuss the fact that it can also be the most daunting feeling in the world staring at a blank page. The daunting feeling rushes over you as your pen heads towards the paper, one wrong move and BOOM your first page is ruined.

Whenever I get an idea for a journal spread, I tend to map it out on a scrap piece of paper just to make sure the idea I have in my head can be translated onto the paper in front of me. I know there can be something quite soothing about going in all slab dash on your journal, but for those of us who are a perfectionist, boy do I have the perfect thing for you! 

The wonderful people over at Yop & Tom have created every bullet journalers best friend...a practice pad! That's right, you can practice your layout before committing to putting it in your actual journal. These practice pads have the exact same dot grid layout that is used in Yop & Toms gorgeous vegan leather bullet journals too. Which I am very excited to announce WE ARE NOW STOCKING. 

There is no better month than September to start a new journal! We have 2 colours and designs currently available on our website, with plans to extend our offering in the new year (woohoo!!!) 

Oh, and how could I forget to mention this. In case you're feeling extra nervous about trying out a bullet journal layout, and you have no idea where to start, the Yop & Tom practice pad comes with a FREE grid guide insert - which means you can piece together the perfect setup tailored exactly to your needs. 

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