Top 10 Stationery Products of 2022

Top 10 Stationery Products of 2022

Hi, I'm Aiesha and I'm the owner of Coral and Ink a super cute stationery store that specialises in everything from school supplies to journaling materials and everything in between! As a self proclaimed stationery addict, there have been so many different amazing small businesses that I’ve discovered in 2022 and honestly it was so hard to pick only a few favourites for this blog post! From desk planners to stickers, to pencil cases and more I’ve managed to put together my top list of stationery, created by small business owners, that I discovered in 2022.


  1. Coconutacha - Weekly Desk Planner in Pastel Pink

Coconutacha had to be on the top of my list!! Natacha is the most loveliest person and I always have her notepads at the front of my desk and this weekly planner has to be my favourite! With it’s super adorable pastel colours and different sections it’s the perfect planner for the new year 

pink geometric desk pad


  1. Katnipp Studio - Kawaii Frog Washi Stand

Catherine really has the most kawaii store! Her little illustrations and stickers have made their way into quite a few of my journal spreads this year, but my favourite of all her products has to be this frog washi tape stand. Not only does it make your desk look adorable, but it’s also super practical!

kawaii frog washi tape stand


  1. Papershire Stationery - Bunilla Planning To Do List Pad

Bunilla is the cutest little bunny and how cute does she look planning on her little table. Papershire is also extra special as their notepads are printed with vegetable based inks and recyclable paper, making them eco friendly, adorable and high quality. I couldn’t think of a cuter to do list!

kawaii cute bunny to do list


  1. Peaches and Bees - Glitter pumpkin bears sticker decal

Peaches and Bees creates the cutest little stickers, washi tapes, notepads and more! They were actually one of the main businesses that inspired me to start my own little stationery shop! And how cute is this little bear decal, I especially love the little glittery pumpkins, it reminds me so much of Autumn which is my favourite season!

glitter pumpkin kawaii sticker


  1. Sundrop Studios - Cereal Art Print

I discovered Anna’s shop on TIkTok this year when she posted a video asking people to comment sticker ideas that she could then make and send them. She made the cutest little bear bubble tea sticker that I used to decorate my desk!! I love her Studio Ghibli inspired art style and love the way she creates light and shadows in her artwork, such as in this beautiful print!

cute cereal art print


  1. Nutmeg and Arlo - Snail Mail Washi Tape

I love Nutmeg and Arlo’s washi tape designs, they have so many to choose from and another plus is that they package all their washi tapes in an eco friendly paper box instead of the usual plastic wrapping! This snail mail design has to be my favourite, the little paper airplane and letter doodles are so cute!!

snail mail illustrated washi tape


  1. Poppodopolis - Celestial Moon Suncatcher

Poppodopolis was another small business I discovered on TikTok and they make the cutest sun catcher stickers! I especially love this celestial moon sun catcher sticker, not only does it make your window look super dreamy and cute, but it’ll transform any room filling it with rainbows!

celestial window suncatcher decal


  1. Miso Bunny Cafe - Miso Pencil Pouch

When I first came across Miso Bunny Cafe on Instagram I immediately fell in love with Miso and all the super cute bunny merch. Having released so many different products over the past year it was so hard to choose a favourite, but I think my favourite miso stationery item has to be the pencil pouch. It’s super minimalist and adorable, and perfect to organise all your stationery!

minimal pencil pouch


  1. The Papery Studio - Pinky Plaid Planner

The Papery Studio creates the most beautiful customisable planners, you can choose the cover design, the wire colour, the planner layout and more! It’s the ultimate customisable planner!! I have to say that their pinky plaid planner has to be my favourite!

pink plaid spiral notebook


  1. Coral & Ink - Sakura Polaroid Bullet Journal

I may be a bit bias with this one, but I’m so proud of my sakura polaroid bullet journal! It was one of the first products created in my stationery line that I started this year and I can’t get over how pretty it turned out! It’s been amazing to have and use a journal designed exclusively for my store!!

pink kawaii bullet journal

I'd love to know what your favourite stationery shops of 2022 were, follow me on social media @coralandink and let me know your favourite stationery items of 2022 so that I can find some new shops to send all my money at!!
Thank you, and Happy new year!!
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