What's so Special About Washi Tape?

What's so Special About Washi Tape?

If you're new around here, you might be thinking - what on earth is washi tape? It's definitely my number 1 most asked question, closely followed by what can you use washi tape for? 

So, let me explain. Washi tape is a decorative adhesive tape, made from traditional Japanese paper - 'Wa' meaning Japanese and 'shi' meaning paper. This low tack tape has an endless amount of uses and is definitely a staple in any stationery addicts collection. 

I first discovered washi tape back when I was around 10/11- I actually still have some of my first ever rolls (I'm nostalgic, I can't help myself). And literally 10 years on I still absolutely love this wonderful, super cute tape. 

Pink love heart washi tape

photo credits Nutmeg & Arlo

Where to use washi tape

Washi tape can be used for many different things however, most commonly it's used for journaling, planning and scrapbooking. It can be used to divide up pages in journals, allowing you to create a custom layout. It can be used as a page marker for your planner, or to outline the month or day. Because the tape is low tack, it's perfect for using in scrapbooks, it means you can place things in a scrapbook and remove at a later date if you decide you want to move things around (I'm pretty indecisive...just ask my ever growing sticker collection) 


Where can you buy washi tape?

You can buy washi tape from a variety of places, such as stationery stores, craft stores and online! Of course in my opinion you can find some of the best and most unique washi tapes from small businesses. I have curated a range of washi tapes on my website from different small businesses, but if non of the ones I have available tickle your fancy, head on over to Etsy and Instagram to find some colourful and creative tapes. Some of my favourite hashtags to follow to discover new washi tapes are #washilover #washiaddict and #washitape. If you're lucky enough to have an independent stationery store near you, make sure to check them out too! 


pink washi tape set  

photo credits to Dotties Paper Co.

Other uses for washi tape

Okay, so maybe you aren't into journaling, planning or scrapbooking but you're still fascinated by these glorious rolls of tape. There's plenty of other ways you can use washi tape, I mean the list is pretty much endless. Some people get super creative with it - there's some really cool tutorials on Youtube. 

Since washi tape is designed as a decorative tape, it's low tack. This simply means that the tape isn't super sticky like painters tape or cello tape. It can be easily removed and wont leave marks or scuffs behind, making it perfect for people who live in rented accommodation. You can stick pictures and artwork to the wall without any worry. The tape won't pull any paint or paper off the wall if you remove it carefully! 

I don't know about you, but I hate the thought of having to lick an envelope to seal it shut...especially after going through a pandemic. Well, you can also use washi tape to seal your envelopes and make them look extra cute before you send them to a friend, or pop them in the post.  

colourful washi tapes

I hope this has helped you gain a better understanding of what washi tape is, and why it's loved by so many people in the craft and stationery community!

Jennie x

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