About Us

Olive & Mabel is an online stationery store run by Jennie, a self confessed stationery addict! With a personal collection of washi tapes amounting to near enough 200 tapes, enough pens to write her name a million times (and then some) and a sticker collection so big, she doesn't know what to do with half of them.


Curating bright and colourful products is what we do best. You'll find a fantastic range of stationery and giftware items on our website. 90% of the products we stock on our website are from small and independent businesses, very recently we decided to add some big name brands like Pentel and Livework so that we really could become the one stop shop for all of your unique stationery needs! 


Supporting the shop small movement is something Olive & Mabel is so incredibly proud of. So far we have supported 60+ businesses from different countries around the world and we aim to continue that as our business grows.